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What are you up to today,Chubby Kitty?

What are you up to today,Chubby Kitty?
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Apples for Everyone!

Hi Everyone,

Today for my card I really went with the green theme and when I was trying to think of an image I thought apples and no one really thinks to do green apples they always think oh apples are red! It reminded me more of a spring color. I also did tons of layers because I always do one or two layers but today I really worked with the cuttlebug and used different shades of green.

Now before I go on I would just like to say that I am switching to Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting next week,  because as I get closer to the major tests homework is piling on. But don't worry I will still have my blog and once I get to the summer I will be going back to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

So I hope you enjoy and thanks for always coming back!!

XOXO Lizzy


Olga said...

Absolutely incredible~!!!! Nope, never think of little green apples cause I don't like the taste but sure love them on your card!!!!!

jimlynn said...

Very cute card Lizzie! I love the green apples too.
Nail those exams and don't worry about this blog until you have more time in the summeer!

Anne Marie said...

This came out beautifully, Lizzie! I agree with you, you really don't see that many green apple cards. I love how it came out. Good luck with your tests! :)

Lori said...

Homework first, I understand. I just love to see anything new you have to show us. Fabulous green apples! Your layering is perfect, just right. Cute picture staging with the stones.

MiamiKel said...

How sweet it is! Green apples are actually my fave and the ones we always have in the bowl - love that you represented them! :) Good luck with your homework and tests, it's hard to juggle it all but you are doing well, I have no doubt!